Wats all this LENR stuff.

If you are an electrical engineer the title is a tribute to Bob Peas one of the all time great EE’s. He is sorely missed.

So what is all this LENR stuff?

The typical 3 points of disbelief are addressed as follows.

  1. Over coming the coulomb barrier
    1. LENR is a weak interaction and only involves the accumulation of low energy neutrons.
  2. No fast neutrons.
    1. This reaction is due to the accumulation of cold neutrons and Beta decay. Similar to the S process in solar nuclear synthesis which is responsible for the valley of stability in the Chart of Nuclides.
  3. No Gamma rays.
    1. The 4H system is formed well below 1eV and does not change parity or spin with the Beta decay event. With no spin parity change, electric dipole radiation of gamma rays is forbidden and the energy is transferred to the lattice as phonons. (Julian Schwinger)

Brillouin Energy Corp. (BEC) is developing the ultimate in clean green renewable energy. The process uses the H out of ordinary H2O to build Helium. It produces no penetrating radiation or long lived dangerous waste.

Be sure to check out our Phase 2 results.

We achieved this having raised only $450K and the device is not even complete yet.

As stated above BEC has already exceed twice the thermal equivalent energy out as electrical energy fed into the boiler or (2X) under stable controlled operation. A Professional Engineer specializing in heat flow analysis has verified this claim. A researcher at a prominent government lab was able to independently verify nuclear reactions by designing an experiment based on the information in our technical PowerPoint.

BEC expects to far exceed that making the technology a valuable industrial heat source that can dramatically reduced the use of carbon and fission based heat sources (i.e. coal, oil, gas, and existing nuclear). At 10x the technology can generate electricity and at 15x it will fit under the hood of a car for a hybrid electric vehicle with no toxic or green house emissions and virtually unlimited range.

Brillouin Energy.


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